Attend the retreat. Begin working with your Wellness Collective. Prepare your pathways to good health & wellness. Tools will & resources will help you to heal, thrive, & be well.

Midway gathering in nature. Learn, share & prepare for your end expedition challenge.

Close one chapter, open another. Implement health & wellness tools learned. Complete the expedition challenge. Become a mentor for future participants

Yoga Practice

iRise Above provides an innovative holistic program – called the iJourney – designed to individually inspire, empower and support each young woman with targeted, age-appropriate and connected health and wellness resources – physical fitness, nutrition, body movement, alternative therapies, mental health support and more – enabling her to positively transform in mind, body and spirit towards healthier living, post breast cancer treatments. 

Each woman’s story is unique; so too are the health and wellness tools she uses and the pace at which she chooses to implement them in her daily life. The program is approximately 6-month in length, with a spiritual group retreat midway, and an epic active adventure challenge somewhere extraordinary in the world, at the end to celebrate self-transformation and completion of the program.

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We invite you to be part of a tribe of young women, brought together by breast cancer, and bound together to rise above adversity through a sisterhood of strength and courage. You’ll be part of a small cohort of other like-minded young women who share a common bond: they have faced similar age-related challenges associated with having breast cancer as a young woman, completed treatments for the disease, and are interested in using targeted, age-appropriate and connected health and wellness resources to thrive in excellent health, possibilities and fulfillment moving forward. 

Each 6-month iJourney program is uniquely designed and is defined by the individual needs of each woman. The goal is to help her heal, thrive, and be well, moving forward, after breast cancer. 

The Wellness Collective of advisers will work with each participant. After an initial assessment, they will surround her with targeted, age-appropriate, and connected health and wellness resources to enable her to rise above the residual effects of breast cancer she is experiencing, complete the life-changing mind-body-spirit expedition she has chosen, and enjoy long-term remission for years to come. 


Each iJourney Program has an end active expedition, In part, the physical training program is based upon preparing for and achieving that ultimate quest. Participants select which active expedition challenge they would like to be part of and are placed into small (less than 16) groups with others who have made the same desired choice.

While the group will be made up of women throughout the U.S. and Canada, they will be connected electronically to one another, and to tools, resources, support and counsel with the iRise Above's Wellness Collective of advisors. 

The Wellness Collective specializes in the areas of physical fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and meditation, spirituality and yoga, complementary therapies and treatments, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, social work and more. They offer online support and assist in finding quality care for participants in their respective locations. 

At the beginning of the iJourney program, participants will come together for a 2-3-day retreat with select members of the Wellness Collective. The retreat will allow for networking, shared experiences and learning. Together the group will discuss individual needs and challenges, and explore what the iJourney program means to each woman. Women have the opportunity to share and offer emotional and motivational support to one another, and create friendships to last a lifetime. 
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Midway through the iJourney program, women will come together again for a weekend gathering in the outdoors. This will be a team building exercise and promises to be fun! The group will learn about the upcoming active expedition. They will learn how to prepare, what to expect, and what to bring. They will also learn how they can be a mentor of support for the next group of young women entering the iJourney program. 
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The group will also discuss a plan for charitable giving in the country where the active expedition is taking place. The endeavor is called Rise Above, Give Beyond. The intent is for the participants to a) heal by reclaiming a sense of self and self-direction, and b) make a positive impact through empowering girls and women, and/or protecting the planet in the country visited. iRise Above values a culture of giving. Giving is an essential component of the healing process of reclaiming one's self and self-direction. iRise Above’s overarching philosophy is that intentional giving, whether it’s time, money, or resources, is influential and has a long-lasting, profound ripple effect for both the giver and receiver. Having the privilege to travel whilst participating in the active expeditions means iRise Above participants automatically become representatives of the foundation and ultimately, its vision. iRise Above encourages our women to exemplify just how powerful they are by challenging others to rethink breast cancer. When we do so we change the conversation by challenging old paradigms and changing perceptions of what it means to have breast cancer. 
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At the end of the 6-month iJourney program, together the women will face their final quest. Implementing the newly integrated health and wellness tools learned during the previous 6-months, the women will complete an active expedition somewhere extraordinary, symbolizing the start of a new, bright chapter in their lives. Members of the Wellness Collective will join the women during this epic adventure challenge to offer additional guidance, encouragement and support.


The final program challenge – the expedition – will celebrate each woman’s journey to overcome the unique challenges associated with having breast cancer at a young age. The women we support close one chapter in their lives and open another equipped with an amazing toolbox for healthier living that will ultimately help improve their long-term survival and quality of life.


We encourage each woman to do the thing she thinks she cannot do and challenge her not to worry about failures, but worry about the chances she may miss when she doesn’t even try! The young women we support ultimately come away feeling inspired and empowered over their own health and wellness, despite breast cancer.

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