Each pathway to health and wellness is meant to help prepare participants for a life changing journey. Each year iRise Above will select small groups of candidates to participate in one of our three health and wellness journeys, each culminating in a unique outdoor expedition, trek, or retreat based on the mind, body, or spirit.

In 2018 we will venture to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro 


Each iJourney will be named after a young woman affected by breast cancer. The first iJourney  will be named Laykelyn. Laykelyn is the daughter of Gillian Lichota, the Founder and Executive Director of iRise Above. Though Laykelyn is not yet a woman, one day she will be, and will be impacted by breast cancer. Gillian hopes that Laykelyn will follow in her footsteps, and overcome obstacles she thinks are insurmountable. Gillian challenges Laykelyn to do the thing she thinks she cannot do and dedicates the iRise Above Foundation to her.  


In an effort to honor the battles that were fought before ours, all subsequent iJournneys will be named after young women who have been affected by breast cancer. iRise Above will feature their stories and commemorate their contributions to increasing breast cancer awareness.